The ice cold wind
Puncturing hopes.
He went ahead
Where to? Unknown.
Life, he sighed.
A monster on his mind.
Scaring him.
Scarring him.

The sun was never hotter
She walked ahead with her will
Dropping, dropping.
Growing up.
The need to stop
But the urge to finish.
She walked on.

He faced them.
Once. Twice. Seven times.
The scars wouldn’t fade.
But the pain was gone.
Or was it?
The past on his mind

She beat them with her sword.
Or was it her mind?
It was over, however
She could now move on.
She could sleep peacefully
She could love truly.
The urge to start
The need to go on.
She couldn’t stop.

They said Poseidon was in your head.
They said you live on in Tartarus.
Do the monsters die then?
Aren’t they grey, like you?
Perhaps a darker shade.
Stop, you say. Wait!
We all need to catch up.
Only some fight. The others teach you
How to fight. But do we need?
Isn’t that how monsters are born?
Teach us love, hope and magic.

He looked into the horizon.
He laughed,
Eyes twinkling.
Scars fading.

She looked towards heaven
Stars winked at her, she said.
The winter is over, at the clearing, she stood.
Heaving relief. Smiling, peaceful.
Life was easy, she said.
The monster was only within me

This is why I don’t attempt Poetry. It’s always this bad. Mostly worse though. 😛
Anyway, feel free to bash away. Leave Reviews, too. And do recommend this blog, if you like it. 🙂


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