The Dangling Conversation.

You haven’t talked in ages. How long has it been again? Six months? Did you fight? You don’t remember. Probably you did. Or maybe you just fell out. What was the last conversation you had? Was it funny? Was it serious? You definitely did not cry. He never made you cry. Probably made you scream out in frustration, but never cry.

Maybe you had a big laugh. He asked you about your dreams. He told you he thought you are the best thing to have happened to him. And he wasn’t even lying. You think about those times and sometimes feel like laughing. He was your best friend, after all.

Maybe you fell out. Had nothing to talk about. It had been five years since you met, yeah? Those times were filled with the telephone conversations. The hopes that the day you finally do get to meet, you might laugh. You might cry. But definitely, he’ll pull you into his arms and you’ll melt. It’s going to be a long first hug. It’s going to be a long first moment. Maybe, it might be awkward too.

Maybe you fought? He screamed. You screamed. He has a bad temper, doesn’t he? You might have lost it on him. You remember something like that. But was that really the last time you talked? Did he not call you on your birthday? You would remember if he hadn’t. He did, didn’t he?

Now, after all these months, the pain has numbed. The confusion has taken a back seat. You do have more important things in life. Your work takes up all your time. School work isn’t getting easier. Your grades are dropping. You remember him, sometimes. You make a mental note of having to call him, and catch up. But you don’t have the time.

And now, everything seems in place. You are on a vacation. You just attended your favorite band’s concert. It’s the finale. It was brilliant. And suddenly you feel a pang. You wonder what happened. Then, in that moment of perfect glory, you realize you’re missing him. You want him to be there when your life is perfect. You want him to be there to share your happiness with. You want him to be there, to hug you, and bask in glory with you. The one thing you did for both of you. You look sideways, and he is not there. You needed him to be there, in health, more than in sickness.

Because that’s how love and friendship work. To be there at the lowest low. But more than that, to share your highest high. You want them to be there, to reassure you: I’ll be there for you when the Summer turns into Rain, and when Spring turns into autumn. I’ll be there for you, always and beyond.



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