Elements: Earth

There’s the fourth one! There is a slight change in form, but hope you guys like it. Also, hello all you amazing new people who have subscribed to this blog. 😀
              Title: Knight.
              Element: Earth

‘James!’ she called out. ‘JAMES!’

He looked around, with an expression so cold, it knocked out the air in her.

‘James, please!’

He continued running. She ran after him.


He stopped suddenly, as if by instinct, and she ran right into him, as his arms instinctively wrapped around her. ‘Please. Don’t do this. It’s not right. It’s not safe. It’s-‘

‘Lily. Please go back. Let me do this on my own. You’re inviting death for yourself by coming with me. Go back to the safety of your dorms. Please!’

‘No. I won’t. I’m coming with you. I will be there for you. I can’t let you go alone!’

‘Lily. As much as I love the fact that you’re feisty and everything, this is not the right time. They won’t even blink before they…’ James choked.

‘I know. But you aren’t any safer than I. Your parents have fought against him. You’re a Blood Traitor. They’re as bad as us, Muggleborns!’


‘Don’t. Please.’

‘I need to go. I need to see who all has he recruited. I need to see what he wants from me. If he had intended to kill me, he wouldn’t wait for me. He’d have done it before, right? So, stop thinking I’m going to die.’

‘I’m not thinking that you’re going to- uh… I’m just worried, alright? Please take me with you. I want to know you will be alright.’

James sighed. He took out a cloak from his backpack, and gave it to Lily. ‘Don’t EVER remove this. And run, if they try to attack. Get some help. Don’t, please, don’t fight all by yourself.’

‘What? You think I’m that stupid, huh?’ said Lily, cracking a broad smile. James couldn’t help, but smile back.


‘Oh look who it is! James Potter! Welcome, welcome my boy. Have a seat.’

He conjured a chair out of thin air, and shoved James into it. ‘Ah, potential head boy. Brilliant mischief maker, plotter of plans, and a natural leader! Full access to the student body, and the insides of the castle. Just what I needed.’

James looked around, trying to recognize people around him. Bellatrix Black. Regulus Black. Lucius Malfoy. Yaxley. Goyle. Crabbe. Brilliant.

‘Potter. Let me introduce you to some of my followers, here. We form a society to kill the Mudbloods, to wipe out the impurity of the Magical Race. We form the Death Eaters.’


Lily looked through the thickets of the trees, wondering what Riddle is talking to James about. Honestly, she was a little frightened. She couldn’t, wouldn’t be able to stand it if anything happened to James, especially since she was in close proximity to him. She thought of what a great friend he had turned over the past couple of months. She smiled thinking of what a great team they formed, perfectly able to anticipate the other’s course of actions, perfectly supplementing each other’s skills and interest. She knew, at that instant, that she wouldn’t be able to bear it if she lost a friend. Don’t kill him, please.

Suddenly, she saw a flash of red, and James writhing on the ground with pain. She tried to see harder what was going on, and she tried not to scream. Her instincts told her he was going to be okay, so she waited. Soon, she heard eight faint pops and Riddle and his friends disappeared.

She assumed it safe for her to walk ahead and check on James.

‘James?’ She whispered. ‘James?’

She heard a quiet moan and rushed towards him. He was left, half buried into the grounds. He had mud all over him, as if he was pushed into a muddy stream. He had grass stuffed into his mouth. And he refused to open his eyes. Lily looked at him and panicked. The more she stood, the more he went into the ground. She sent red sparks into the sky, hoping someone would see her. Then, she conjured up an parchment, and quickly wrote to Dumbledore. She didn’t want to try any counter-curse on him. She urged him to keep breathing, and not to give up.


The next thing James knew, was waking up to a comfortable, white bed that was not earth. He dared to open his eyes, which weren’t stinging anymore. He put on his glasses, and looked around to chocolate frogs, cards and bouquets. He picked up the one closest to his spectacles, and smiled as he read the name of the sender. His smile grew euphoric, as he read the actual content.

You know that place between sleep and awake? The place you can still remember dreaming. That’s where I’ll be waiting.

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