Elements: Blood

Here’s the third part!
Red. She wore red. It clashed with her eyes and gave the overall impression of a Christmas tree. She shouldn’t be thinking of Christmas. She should be crying. But she wasn’t. He looked at her as if she’d fall anytime and he’d be there to catch her when she falls.

She looked around. Tired. People were laughing as if everything was brilliant. She wanted to laugh with them. She wanted not to want to throw up. She wanted everything to be brilliant again. But it wasn’t. He looked at her as if she’d cry and he’d be there to hold her when she cries.

She walked to the Headmaster’s office. She passed through people who were carefree. She wanted the world to stop spinning around. She wanted to go to the library and bury herself in the world that wasn’t hers. But it was. He looked at her as if she’d jump off a cliff and he’d be there to stop her if she jumped.

She looked into the Headmaster’s eyes and saw that they weren’t sparkling anymore. They had concern in them. She wanted him to smile at her like she had done something amazing and he were proud of her. But they didn’t. He looked at her as if she’d break things and scream, loosing control and he’d be there to calm her down when she looses her cool.

“Lily, I have arranged a Floo Network to London. Mr. Potter would escort you there. We’ll work out your exams, don’t worry. It’s more important for you to be there for your Father and sister. Please accept my condolences.”
He arrived at the Evans’ house. It was his first time there and he saw why she was the way she was. The living room walls had a dim orange shade, with lamps on all corners and showcases showcasing medals. It was clear her dad was in the Army. The house was palatial with five bedrooms, and a servants’ quarters. They had a separate guesthouse, perhaps meant solely for dignitaries, for he was lead into a bedroom within the house. She walked in, hugged her Father, nodded at her sister and walked directly into her bedroom, banging the door shut.

Red. He hadn’t seen so much of red in his life. Not even when Remus would injure one of them, by mistake. He looked at her, now urging her to cry. She didn’t. She didn’t even flinch when they brought her mother’s body, blasted apart due to the explosion. He looked at her, now with awe. She had walked over to her older sister and consoled her as she broke into sobs. Lily didn’t cry. She whispered things into her sobbing sister’s ears. Her father just looked devastated. He had never seen so much of red in his life. Not even when Bellatrix had used Sectumsempra against Peter the last time they had ridiculed the antics of Lord Voldemort back in their fourth year.

He walked over to the sisters, holding Lily’s hand. She looked at him with her green, green eyes and smiled sadly. ‘It’s not fair, you know. Killing thousands of innocent school children. Bombing a school.’

James Potter knew that instant that one day, he was going to marry Lily Evans.


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