Elements: Air.

So. I’m now starting another Series. Because I love them. Based on Prompts that I get from Friends. And the theme: Elements. Five chapters are done and the others are on their way. So expect this to be updated every other day. (Because, really. Who studies for exams, yeah?)
The first one here is titled Lily Can’t Fly. Element: Air.

First years at Hogwarts had to take compulsory Flying Lessons. James Potter was exhilarated about his first flight round the Quidditch pitch. So it was only natural that Sirius and he were up all night discussing, waiting. He was sure he will play for Gryffindor like his dad and his granddad before him.

As he walked down the stairs to the Great Hall, he could barely stand still. His knees were trembling with excitement. His voice had become a pitch too high and he talked loudly, animatedly with the rest of his housemates.

Lily went to the library as soon as breakfast got over. She had heard Potter and the other Gryffindors talk excitedly about Flying. It made her nervous and want to throw up. It seemed as though they were all born with the natural disposition to Fly. Lily can’t fly.

It was eleven and Madam Hooch blew the whistle. “Alright, young people. Welcome…” Lily zoned out, despite of herself. It was only later, that she heard all she had to do at that point of time was to willfully summon her broom by saying ‘Up’ A couple of people like Potter and Black already had brooms in their hands and a smirk on their face. She sighed.

James looked around. A couple of people still hadn’t got their brooms. He lost patience and tapped his left foot. He saw Lily was one of those and his smirk became more prominent. He looked at her trying too hard and thought Lily can’t fly.

Finally all of them had their brooms and Madam Hooch blew them their tickets to take off. James and Sirius wooted and took off, followed by Remus. They took rounds of the Quidditch Pitch and about 10 minutes later saw a red ball going past them. They followed it. No girl could challenge them to race, thought James. A couple of seconds into this race, he realised she wasn’t challenging them. She had lost control. Two seconds later, he heard a scream.

She had lost control. She was flying past people and around the pitch, but she had no control. A minute later, she felt herself dropping. She screamt.

James saw her dropping. Instinctively he dived. She can’t die, he thought. He dived and she dropped.

She was dropping and she had no idea what to do. So she closed her eyes. She was going to die and how!

He dived and she dropped. Seconds before the crash, he managed to pull her, and before she hit the ground, he flew up. He pulled her with him, seating her on his broom. “Are you okay?” he whispered. She broke into a sob. He took a round of the Pitch, whispering, calming her. And then flew her down.

” You jerk,” said she. “What did you do to my broom? You humiliated me!”

Later that evening, Sirius and he talked about the implausibility that are girls.


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Oh, these are drabbles, did I mention?


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