Break the rules



“You are a girl. You can’t speak up.” “75% attendance.” “You need to SMM by nine tonight.” “Drink milk before you sleep.”

We are a society bound by rules. Rules and laws. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is not just one of the best selling models; it is one made exclusively through patents. No wonder no one else can make another phone even close to it, just for the fear of breaking that rule.

So yes, we know we have rules. We have punishments to go with most of them. But do we have followers? How much money did they park on S3 to make it exclusive? Ah. Only if they had upped its quality.

Rules, in general are made by people who are insecure of the idea that they hold. What if the girl speaks up and they have somebody to beat the system? What if the students don’t turn up for all those boring lectures we conduct?

So yes, let us respect those rules. I say respect and not obey. Not all rules are to be obeyed. Your neighbor is in the hospital. You are short of attendance by 2%. According to the rules, follow your attendance, because the consequence is a D in your final report card. What do you do?

If that S3 wasn’t patented, we might have a better model with features which might be incredible. (Or maybe not?) The next brand wouldn’t have to go around checking those patents and working around them. We could have had a techvolution.

So, yes, break the rules. Stand out. Live your life. Breathe a little. Control your life. Don’t give a damn.  Accept yourself. Have a little fun. Make memories. After all, you only live once.


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