Life is short.

It isn’t everyday that you turn hundred. To have a resolution to drive a car if you hit a hundred is rarer still. He was a day younger to turn hundred. But breathing your last at 11.45 the eve of your birthday was really sad. For him, life is short.
If you turn eighty four, you’ve seen a thousand full moons in your lifetime. And getting your eighty-fourth on a full moon day was rarer still. All she wanted was to see that magically prefect moment. But to die on the previous new moon’s night wasn’t what she expected. For her, life is short.
On your sixtieth birthday, you are officially an old man. Finally you have a reason for having a weak knee. But to die a week before that, he never got a reason to feel old. For him, life is short.
Turning forty is a wild card entry to mid life crisis. You get a reason to pop unnecessary tablets and apply lotions and creams which are practically useless. But to die at thirty nine, you never got to rationalise having stocks of creams in your dressing-table. To her, life is short.
At twenty-five, you have just begun your career. You finally get to spend and splurge on all those gadgets you read about. But to die the night of your graduation is, yes, very unfair. To him, life is short.
At eighteen, you finally get to drive that car you knew how to drive since you were twelve. But to die on the way to your surprise midnight party, is very uncalled for. For her, life is short.
At thirteen you’re finally a teen. You get to throw tantrums and are justified at doing so. But to die a day before that, is equally unfair. To him, life is short.
At one, you haven’t even started dreaming. The entire life stands in front of you, your parents. To die before that, is unbelievable. But to her, life is short.
Life is short for you, no mater how old you are or how much you achieve. Yes, life is short. Go live it. Yes, life is short. Grasp those moments slipping past you. Spread those wings of freedom and desire. Let no constrain stop you. Pause for air, look back and smile because life is short.LifeIsShort


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