The candle at the corner  of the room was flickering. A boy wrote yet another letter to his beloved. He wished he could summon the strength to send those little notes and poems to her.

Like a pretty little flower

You bloom, with the lover you shower

I am enchanted, like the Astronomy tower

You give me all my strength, all my power.

He knew he couldn’t write good poems, but poetry always fascinated him. If I ever find a reason to let you go, I’d find a million reasons to make you stay. Oh, how he wished he could write better than that!

Hi Lily,

Remember that time I made you laugh for the first time? That is the best I have ever felt.

He couldn’t think of how much he loved her-was it her eyes or her sheer brilliance? Was it the way she treated him or was it the way she smiled? He didn’t know. He couldn’t know.

 You’re a demon, hurting me

You’re my muse, creating me

For you, I breathe,

For you, I’d stop

My heart beats faster when I’m with you

My ache grows stronger, when you’re away.

Oh, the pain- the heartaches he got without her. He wished the smile etched upon her face never leaves its position. He hoped her eyes never lost their charm. He knew he would never hurt her.

You make me love you

Without a thought, I fall for you

Every time you call my name

For my cowardice, I feel ashamed

I wish I could tell you

Pour into you, my hear

My love, I’ll stay true

To you, for you, but never depart.

He wished he could tell her everything- everything about his crazy feeling, the butterflies. Tomorrow, he promised himself, as he’d been doing since the first time she smiled at him. Tomorrow, he promised himself as the candle went out. Tomorrow.


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