She walked through the bushes and the rocks to reach her private spot. It had been five years since she went there. It had been five years since she had the time for that. She went into that place of shade to find it full of waste bottles of water, straws and paper plates. She spent a precious hour trying to segregate the waste and finally sat down, hugging her knees, staring into the orange sky, far far away. She saw the beautiful sun, kissing the sea, going further down, leaving behind a beautiful tail of colours. She looked at the sky, during her favourite time of the day and slipped into a state of calm even a lazy Sunday afternoon couldn’t offer her.

As she sat on the beach, in the white sand, she thought of the city she’d been calling home. People talk of the city with respect, pride and love-the way they talk of their mothers. She’d also called the city, the same city she was terrified to go to, her home. She’d learnt the hard way, the meaning of adjustment, crowd and the value of one second. Each second of her life counted-miss it, and your entire life could change. She didn’t know what changed. She’d promised herself that she wouldn’t change. She didn’t know who she was seven years ago, and to think, then, that she was perfect! 

As she jumped off the train, and smelt in the air, she knew she was lying to herself-lying about the city being her home. That familiar smell, that familiar station, those familiar people. Yet, so much had changed. They weren’t the same people-they were pushed to the city as her family was, the places had changed, trying to keep up with he trend of urbanizing, the air! Oh, the air, was still the same. The first thought that entered her mind was, “I’m home.” That small town will always be her home. And those people, she hoped, would still remain her friends.

She’d promised her friends to be in touch for the rest of her life. And now she didn’t even have her best friend’s contact number. The only person she was in contact with now, was a guy she barely talked to then. She wished she could go back in time and change… things. What things? She didn’t know. Maybe she gave up too early. But wasn’t giving up easier than socializing with people who hardly got back to her? And today, coming back to her home of the childhood years, talking to her friends made her realize that she was the only one to have broadened her perspective. She felt bad as she thought how immature and narrow-minded her friends were and felt ashamed of herself for feeling ashamed of them, the ones who shaped her foundations. 

As she felt that she was misplaced in that group, she left quickly, apologizing to her friends, and came back here. The sea, her home.Image


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One response to “Home.

  • dilip

    i liked the starting part … i mean the introduction .. but i was lost in the end … i couldn’t understand properly… the last part !!!

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