Caged Wings.


Caged Wings

It is always intimidating to be free for the first time, isn’t it? Especially, when you’ve seen the world only from the little confines of your cage? That golden cage, into which food, water, and love was poured into, on a three-times-a-day-and-when-you’re-hungry basis?

Now, all of a sudden you have responsibilities and difficulties you never imagined to be in-you don’t know how to fly and there’s a flying competition! How did those other caged birds learn to fly so high, when you didn’t even know you could! For a split second you are lost-you wonder what’s happening around you-how did they all get so in front of you-were they really better, or were they just faster, and lucky?

And hunting for food-oh, it was like you haven’t eaten in years-they knew how to hunt, where to hunt and when to hunt, whereas you just know when to hunt-which is too late-by that time, neither do you get what you desire, nor do you get the other good stuff, because they are all taken. And then you’re left wondering-whose fault is it-those who said what you were initially hunting was the best for you, or you, yourself are lousy at hunting?

And then come the big predator- someone you could compare to the corrupt human-always scares you up-creeps through the tiniest holes, and disappears at the tinier ones-always scares you, as that one predator has the power to kill you-all at once, or slowly, letting you feel each tiny bruise-creating bruise after bruise upon bruises.  It is as if the predator enjoys this; it is as if it is sadistic-or maybe you are masochist enough to choose it?

They always talk of freedom amongst birds-but you only count those who can fly-you never consider those who get lost in the wind, or tide, or die of hunger. They never count those which get eaten by the predator, or give up-because they are tired. They are smart enough to mock that bird which never flew, even though it had the wings-but they never knew that the spirit neded to fly was never reinforced within it. And they should believe when you say that the number of failed free birds are a lot more than those who actually flew, and definitely more than those happy within the cage.


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