Let Her Die

“Save the girl child,” they say. That’s a joke-a very theoretical one. The argument? Girls are very precious, they deserve equality and freedom to live et al. That’s a joke, it’s never going to be practical.

No, I’m not patriarchal or anti-feminist. Rather, I’m a feminist who believes in freedom to live, rather than just exist and hence knows that she is fighting a lost cause-somrthing that she’d never be able to witness in her lifetime or even in her next. But I’m fighting, nevertheless. Sadly, I have no technique except open and individual rebellion against anything that comes in my way and the thoughts which are as impractical as impractical can be.

I’m not sad; because I know that I believe in my cause and sub-consciously, I’m supporting it- because bieng a girl there’s a lot of things i’m not allowed; which I defy- I do it if the only reason I’m stopped is because I’m a girl.

Feminism is a lost cause because the mind set of the people is set that way. Every girl is expected to behave in a certain way- look pretty, be patient, no complaints, get married and have children. She is expected to be a good daughter, a good wife, and a good mother. And if she has education and career in her pocket, well and good- otherwise, typical.

You see the truth of these words even in the names that people give their young daughters. We have names like ‘Mamta’, meaning ‘motherhood‘, literally, a practical example of what I’ve been blabbering about. Isn’t it revolting when you name a baby ‘motherhood’? Isn’t it an example of the sterotypical path her parents have unconsciously or conciously set for her?

Oh, the ridicule a girl has to go through if she chooses to walk another path! If a woman decides that she wouldn’t get married or have children, she has to face raised eyebrows by not just the society, but also her own family, till she grows old and even dies.

And this is the real world-even if you believe in saving the girl child, you are virtually putting her through the torture of sex-discrmination and a path tailor-made for her.

She’s discriminated against in the clothes she wears, the place she lives in, the education she receives, career choices and even the treatment of the people in the society; however developed and modern it claims to be.

It is definitely sad to live in a world so ready to judge people solely based on gender of a person. And the worst part is the glass ceiling any girl is shown-because if she breaks it, she is shown admiration, full of surprises and shocks, because it was not expected or is frowned upon.

The tone of surprise is obvious in the titles of “The First Woman Prime Minister”, or “The First Woman to have gone to space” Sadly, the titles and surprises still exists in today’s ‘ultra-modern society.’

But these are nothing in front of the real problem, which according to me is the premature judgement of the people. ‘What will they think?’ is the primary question they think of before doing spomething.

It is really sad to see this phenomenon in every societ of the world. It is as if every human is inferior to the ‘them’- the ‘they’s of the world who show the biggest problem oif premature judgement of people and the sterotryped thoughts afterwards.

This is the reason of ever problem faced by the society today. It creates the fear of ostracism within the individual and hence forces him/her to behave in the modal way- any individual who doesn’t believe in it is ridiculed and laughed upon.

This is the world many parents are saving the girl child from- the world of judgement, ostracism and discrimination, because most parents are aware and secretly love the girl child they kill more than they know it. This is why the girl child shouldn’t be saved. This is why they should let her die.


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