The prince’s tale: continued.


The last thing Severus, before he died, saw was Lily Evans eyes. And the first thing he saw again, in a place like the meadow he first saw her were her eyes.Slowly, as his eyes got adjusted, he saw her red hair and soon, he saw her. As he gazed at the only person he truly loved, he felt lighter. He was feeling light anyways. And then, he walked towards her.
“Sev,” she said. “Thank you.” He felt warmth spread through him as he heard her voice again after sixteen years.
“Lily?” he said. “I’m sorry I-”
She had cut him off, “Don’t, Sev. Just don’t say you’re sorry. I know. I saw what you did for Harry down there. And I can’t thank you enough for that. I didn’t know. I had no idea.”
“Hello, Severus,” came another voice. “I’m sorry about everything that happened between us,” said James Potter. “I can’t believe how you took care of my son. I know it was for Lily, but still”
Somehow, after being around Harry Potter for seven years, he couldn’t hate James. Or maybe it was death. Death did make you into a calmer person. He felt like he was on an overdose of the calming draught. He instantly forgave James.
“I’m sorry too Po.. James. And thank you too, for taking care of Lily,” he said. And then, for the first time in twenty one years, Severus Snape smiled.

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