PadfootSirius Black was in awe. He’d never believed in luck, but as his godson saved him that night from being worse than dead he couldn’t help himself from believing in it.
He wondered what he’d done to deserve Harry’s trust. Yet, it was the trust shared between Ron Hermione and Harry that made Harry believe in him. He felt as though he got his best friend back.
That night in Mangolina Crescent he thought he actually saw the thirteen year old James Potter alive. Soon after he got into his senses he realised it was Harry, James’ son. How very like his father he looked! And then he saw he was somehow alone and hence quickly summoned the Knight bus. He*had* to look after his godson! It had been twelve years since he had the privilege!
And then, seeing Harry fly! Oh, he couldn’t believe how very like his father he was! He wondered what qualities of Lily did he posses? Maybe he was great at potions and charms!
He was so glad that Harry had saved him and realised his innocence! And friends of Harry’s were also great. He never told him, but he was proud of this brave, trusting and modest young man. He was so glad. He wondered how he could ever repay him back.
He knew almost in an instant that Harry was as lovable as he was as a baby. As lovable as charming Lily. That’s what he had from Lily. Her deep, beautiful eyes, her lovableness and her modesty. Exactly what James would have wanted. James, he thought, always with a pang of guilt. He was dead because of his mistake in trusting that filthy rat. Hadn’t they all acted in prejudice against their werewolf friend? The things he thought about Moony made his stomach flip with anger and guilt.
His thoughts soon returned to Harry, whom he loved like a brother. He almost felt as if he got James back. He was adamant not to lose Harry. He would protect James, no, Harry with whatever it takes-his life, his soul, his happiness, whatever. This time he’d save the person he’d loved. His best friend’s son. His Godson.


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