Mutterings of a frustrated student.

Life sometimes can get just boring. Okay, it’s just one word: EXAMINATIONS.
When we’re about to give any examination, we are told, “This, my child, is the most important examination of your life. Do well. It will decide your future. No pressure.” And this starts when you’re in montessori and it continues throughout school. By the end of school the child is so prone to examinations being called life turning, they either stop studying at all, because, well, they see that all their parents want is to boast amongst themselves how high achieving their kids are, or, they end up being so scared if examinations, that they give it up as a hopeless case. Something they just cannot do. Oh, and then there is peer-pressure!
Like today, all I discussed with a friend, who I had met after more than a month, was “How to finish an economics paper.” I could have told her about all the problems I had. But I had to discuss THAT! We could have shared a lot more than tactics to score well! And the definition, our respective mothers said, of scoring well is to get as much marks required to get into a college of our choice. That got me thinking: All examinations do, is make us get into the next year. A year of preparation was needed to get into a college of our choice? And what about the examinations of life?
To me, life is about happiness, something I’ve understood, after months of pondering. If something would not make me happy, I’d rather not do it. Some choices of happiness differ again. Some give temporary happiness and some long lasting. I wonder, after reading Shantaram, of course, would I want to take up something that makes me happy in the short run even if I know I’d be sad at the end? Would I want to take that bit of pure happiness?
That is something examinations should be all about: to be happy. Or how to be happy. These exams? Well, I’ll to make my parents happy and after that, I’ll focus on making them proud and bring me happy, chasing my dreams. Or maybe, that’s a defence mechanism after all! And anyways, to me, these exams examine your capacity to cope with stress!


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