Fairy tales.

We all have grown up listening to stories. Stories which are surreal. Stories which inspire us. Or stories with no reality behind them. And as kids we thoroughly enjoyed them. Enjoyed them, and believed in them. Fantasies.
It is astonishing to see how many little kids, girls really, want to become princesses. They believe that one day, they’ll be swept off by their princes who come galloping on their white horses and take them to their palaces. They believe in a fairy godmother who’ll come and rescue them from this unfair world and wave a magic wand and make all the sadness disappear. They believe that all they do is to dress up and look pretty. The rest will be taken care of.
But then, these little girls grow up. They find that there are no princes in the real world. And no fairy godmother will ever come to take them away. They find out the hard way that life isn’t fair and it can’t be. They find that they have a lot more to do than to dress up and look pretty.
Life teaches them the hard way that life won’t be what they want it to be, rather they’d be what life wants them to be. They feel that life is nothing but a mess, which they have to clean up every single day. They see that there is no perfect guy and no perfect friend. There is no perfect job, and definitely not a “happily ever after”. Disappointments and depressions is what they face: the ‘challenges’ of life and an endless tide of hopelessness.
But then, there definitely are some who see the light. They see that happiness is nothing but a perception. A perception, I say, not an illusion. They see that ‘happiness can be found in the darkest of times, only if you remember to switch on the lights.’ Just a perception. It is then, that they learn the value of themselves. They learn that they need to learn to be happy. They need to do some real thing, rather than just sit around and wait.
And as to perfection, it is an illusion. Perfection is something that is just non existing. At least on naturally. It is something that they have to work on. And nothing can ever be flawless. There is definitely a flipside. A part which balances the perfection.
And perfection is a subjective concept anyway: what is perfect to one person wouldn’t be so to another.
And for fairy godmothers, they are the opportunities. Opportunities, which have to be explored and utilised up to optimum satisfaction.
So, when you read fairy tales next, you need to remember that they give hope only to the completely hopeless. And they are symbolic, not real.
Fairy tales are just them. Tales. Work of fiction.
(Oh, I’m not talking about harry potter here. That is REAL.)


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