Sunday morning

It was a beautiful sunday morning. Beauty of the morning lies in the fact that she could sleep extra time. More than the school mornings. Why did they keep school in the mornings? Her teacher told her it was because they could get practice for the “outside world”. Outside world? What was that? Her grandmother had told her stories about aliens and about the white invaders. Was “outside world” that? Did you have to deal with aliens when you grew up? Or white invaders on horses? May be.
But why did she have to learn about shapes? Why did her brother talk about apples falling from trees? Apples have to fall, because they didn’t have wings, right? Are aliens afraid of the apples? In the outside world, apples must fly.
But why does father have to take his laptop? And mum have to take hers? Shouldn’t they be carrying a sword? Shouldn’t they be teaching them to use a sword in school, instead of alphabets and numbers? Why did they have to teach us rhymes? Rhymes which didn’t make sense? How did humpty dumpty sit on a wall so high that he fell down? How did he reach there? It did not make sense.
And anyway, aliens aren’t bad.  Doremon helps everybody, doesn’t he? Their neighbour is the one who’s bad. He scolds her and her brother everyday. When they are taught to use swords, she’ll threaten him.
Oh, and when they use swords, she’ll pose like all the people in her brother’s textbooks. And then, she won’t have to be afraid of the big people who look at her and pull her cheeks. They gave her nightmares. She’ll be brave, and strong when she’ll know how to use a sword. She’ll face the outside world.
But what does that have to do with getting up early? May be the outside world doesn’t like mornings. May be the outside world comes in the morning, and they have to be faced in the morning. She should ask Ms. Lucy.
But today, it is Sunday. The day of stories and television. It was a beautiful sunday morning.


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