His Story!

He’s a self proclaimed disciplinarian. ‘A prisoner of my own image’. They hate him. Or may be what he teaches. History. Everything… Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Indian History. Two years of college and more than 4000 years of historical study… Tiring? Nope. Nobody has ever managed it, I’m sure.

And then, in the begining of the second year, he’d been appointed the Environment Ed. teacher. ‘An Occupational Hazard’, he called himself.

Sometimes I wonder how opaque he is, really. He could NOT be what he shows off. ‘A history teacher’, one of the history teachers said, ‘can never be interesting.’ Yeah. Sure. If a history teacher has to be interesting, s/he has to deviate from the topic. Or be Michael Wood, that is. But normal teachers can never be interesting. Especially when you use the “Chalk and talk”.

It’s his oratory that works. He speaks and he speaks and he speaks.He speaks of the “Harrapans”. He speaks of the “Aryans” and of “Marathas”, his latest. You give 10% of your attention and 90% of you will power, and you manage to get something into your head. Because after all… it’s history. Rulers had power over the world, but little power over themselves. They were vulnerable to their instincts. They were HUMAN!!

And then he comes in with the Khakhi pants. Formality. May be trying to show that he’s formal. May be he doesnt want to show the friendliness. May be he wants people to be afraid of him. And white shirt. White for… peace?

They say that they try and stay awake… and then drift away.. to some un-known, non-existing world.
I think they need pen, paper and a reliant will! Learn from those idiotic rulers, save your life. Learn what you’ll never otherwise learn: To forget, To forgive and To Live. [And to act (like you are not sleeping)]  🙂


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