Life And Times Of A Potter-maniac

It all ends here‘, they proclaimed. I wondered how something this,  literally, magical could end? As in, END? Magical. Capturing. Page-turning. Exiting. I’m poor at vocabulary.

And then came about Pottermore. And, supposedly there is Ground Quidditch. And of course, so many articles, after it ended. And they rightly said that these books would be read and re- read. I myself read them about 10 times. Insatiable, they were. Totally. I could now kill the cousin who took my book away from me. And there is no ONE day when I haven’t mentioned ‘Harry Potter’ in my conversation. Let alone thinking. Too much, you think? Hell, no! There are about a million others like me.

The weirdest part is when I declare that ‘ J.K. Rowling’ is my role-model, let be my favorite author, they look at me like a kid (they look at me like that all the time, but still! ) who has never ever ever seen the world. Well, so much for not being open minded.

J.K.Rowling is the living example of a self-made woman. She was homeless. She is richer than the queen. (So much for verbs, eh?) And how did this happen? One imagination running wild! (And when I do that, I’m mocked at! )One train journey, with nothing to do -(I have that everyday) and of course, beauty -the rare beauty and talent of weaving a story with bits of alphabets.

I wish people would understand this. I wish they would see the actual underlying geniuse.  (Hey, not you potter-maniac, comrade-in-arms!) in her.

And which other teacher apart from prof. Filtwilk gives you lines :’I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick’ ?!!! All thanks to this lady here ! 🙂

I’m sure all of you who has put their hands on Harry Potter books even once in their lives would have gotten addicted to it, provided you can read (and understand) the language in which it is written. I came across a Malayalam version, I asked my grandma to read it to me- she also got hooked! Beat that! Note to self : Beg your parents!!

And the number of Harry Potter games me and my cousins invented, you you wouldn’t believe !!!! ‘Ashvamedha’ with Harry Potter characters – words antakshari, get into the (common) room only if  you give the correct password, interviewing an Harry Potter character ….they were endless, I tell you. And  I’m not even kidding!!!! It was so damn fun.

And horcruxes guesses… wild is the word. The happy ending: ‘The Potter House’ like Gryffindor and Slytherin houses! Beat that!

Basically, Harry Potter was the most cherished part of my childhood. That part of which I’ll never regret in my entire life. I can proudly say hat it has made me what I am today and has brought me where I am today.

And of course, the most embarrassingly humorous comment I’ve ever made goes like this:

My then Best Friend: “Mom’s out, so I’m having Black Tea”

Me: “Now?”

Best Friend: “Yeah. Why?”

Me:  “It’s, dude! Warn your mom. The ministry’s put a curfew. Voldemort’s on the loose. Idiot!

Best Friend: “!!!”

And then of course, I get embarrassed. That’s what you call submerging into a book, isn’t it?!

And don even get me started with Albus Dumbledore. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore=WOW!!! That’s it!

Hogwarts. Hedwig. Molly Weasley. Sirius Black. Home. That’s all I ca say, well, the least I can say. And Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange are he only two women I hate in the entire mortal (and immortal) world! And I know that hate is a heavy word. You don’t have too much of it to use. But 50%of my stock goes to these two wonderfully torturing females: @#$%^&(sensored!!!)

So, let’s educate the world about Harry Potter(not Hari Porter, dad!)-okay, lets literate them at least! And the next time I tell you that ‘J.K. Rowling is my role-model’ and you give me that look, seriously: “I’ll put you under the Imperius curse! Be on your guard!

By the way, DreamDust170, that’s me 🙂


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